Bachelor of Fine Arts

No. of Seats – 60

Eligibility – Min 50% in class 12

Duration – 4 years

Level – Graduate

Semesters – 8

Admission Criteria – Through an entrance examination / marks in class 12 / both


With the Bachelor’s  In Fine Arts, UETR aims to imprint students with the knowledge and appreciation of visual art. By the end of the course, the student will learn the fundamental elements, theories and principles of art and will be on their way to bettering society through their vision and creativity.

We also aim to instill a knowledge of the history of art in order to help students connect with their expressive and creative roots so as to help them truly understand the evolution of art, and where they stand as individuals.

Visual Arts plays a significant role within the curriculum by providing learning opportunities and value addition in the development of students’ intellectual and practical knowledge, critical judgment and understanding of Art by art making and involving in critical and historical studies of art and aiming to provide an appreciation and training in diverse arts through modern concepts and methods of art education.

The BFA curriculum is designed to encourage students to understand visual arts, including different kinds of creative work. It plays an important role in the social, cultural and spiritual lives of students by offering a wide range of opportunities to develop their own interests, to be self-motivated and active learners who can take responsibility for and continue their own learning in College and Post- college settings.

Students will develop their skills through the engagement of traditional mediums and contemporary technologies within and beyond the studio with a cross-disciplinary pedagogical approach that helps students gain insights about the diverse and expanding creative industries.


Throughout this course, students will learn how to harness their inner artist and express themselves through their own means. We aim to arm them to do the same through crucial techniques such as drawing, figure drawing, painting, portraiture and art making concept development, as well as teaching them all about art history and how to critique the same. We will also help them hone their natural skill in sketching and visualization overall.


Students trained in the School of Creative Art and Design will be ready to join the academia and the industry. The school will facilitate their career choices. Creative professionals will be able to join Museums, Galleries, Academic and Research Institutes, Advertising Agencies, Creative Department of Corporate Houses, Film and Television Industry etc.

Fine art graduates may also apply for mainstream graduate employment and training in a broad range of industries, for example, banking, art gallery, insurance, media and public relations.


Some potential jobs in the field include those of a painter, an art critic, photographer, graphic designer, art therapist, multimedia programmer, drawing teacher, set designer, production artist, creative director, editor, furniture designer, art director and colorist.

Employment areas: Advertising companies, Boutiques, Art Studios, Theatres, Education Institutions, Television Industry, teaching etc. You can also start your career as a freelance worker.

An intensive curriculum, powered by research and innovation, that develops confident and career-ready graduates.



UETR offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs under four schools:

  1. School of Computing
  2. School of Business Studies
  3. School of Smart Agricultural Science
  4. School of Creative Arts and Design


We rely on the National Policy of Education – 2020 as a guideline to form the framework of a cohesive, comprehensive and complete curriculum.

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