School of Creatives Arts and Design

The arts – between the search of substance, form, and expression – encompass all aspects of nature and human creativity. With a curriculum that aims at fostering an interest and enjoyment in the making and studying of art, UETR’s School of Creative Arts and Design encourages its students to develop an intellectual and practical knowledge, critical judgment and an intrinsic understanding of art.

We aim to provide our students with a training and appreciation of diverse arts through modern concepts, in-depth analyses of critical and historical studies of art and indulging creating art themselves. We also hope to light a fire of self-motivation that fuels a progressive creative community of practitioners and scholars who are not only ready for, but welcome challenges.

Courses Offered



We foster a cross-disciplinary pedagogical approach that helps students gain insights about the diverse and expanding creative industries. Skills are developed via the engagement of traditional mediums and contemporary technologies within and beyond the studio.


  • To foster a pedagogical interface between creative art, design and technology
  • To produce critically informed responsible creative practitioners that make people think and shape a better tomorrow
  • To empower the future of art, design and innovation by close collaboration with industry, public sector and community organizations



Department Library Resources

The library is well equipped with an Intranet Wi-Fi system, CCTVs, UPS, AC system, Xerox machine, printers, computers and is organized with a specialized collection that includes:

  • The latest relevant magazines and newspapers
  • E-journals and e-books (Open Access)
  • ERP databases

Advanced Laboratories

There are multiple labs on campus for the students to research and experiment in:

  • Sculpture Lab
  • Painting Lab
  • Drawing Lab
  • Graphics Lab
  • Architecture Lab

UETR relies on National Policy of Education-2020 as a guideline for the framework for a cohesive, comprehensive and complete curriculum. The programs of study are designed with a focus on:

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We offer various value added and certificate programmes for students. Under this, various activities are organized that delivers possibilities to students for self-expression and self-fulfilment. These activities help students to stay active, learn to interact with others, develop time management and more. This programme has been incorporated in the regular time table of the students.

  • Design Thinking
  • Fabric Arts
  • Collage Practical
  • Sculpture
  • Public Art
  • Grafitti
  • Academic Tours to National and International venues 
  • Gallery Internships and Artist Mentorship Program
  • Traditional artisans and  rich artistic heritage of India.  


  • The school hosts regular workshops and brainstorming sessions with leading artists and practitioners
  • Research and process based practical courses that help students indulge between Art, Design and living systems.
  • An exchange program with international and national institutions of repute that help inculcate new skills and confidence
  • A cross-disciplinary pedagogical approach that helps students gain insight on the diverse and expanding creative industries
  • Community based art programmes that provide learning opportunities beyond the classroom
  • Access to a rich visual archive
  • Regular academic tours to national and international venues including art fairs and museum visits
  • Gallery internships and an artist mentorship program
  • Workshops with traditional artisans to disseminate and preserve the rich artistic heritage of India

Job Opportunities

Students trained in the School of Creative Art and Design will be ready to join the academia and the industry. The School will facilitate their career choices. Creative professionals will be able to join Museums, Galleries, Academic and Research Institutes, Advertising Agencies, Creative Department of Corporate Houses, Film and Television Industry etc.

The MFA course hones the skills of candidates to enable them to become artists in their chosen field. Career opportunities for fine arts post-graduates are ample wherein they can choose to be an art teacher, fine artist, photographer, art director, and a lot more.

  • Built from quality, experience and knowledge
  • Empowered by a well-rounded academic experience
  • Driven towards enhanced employability prospects
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