Student Clubs & Activities

Arts And Culture, Community Service and Students Club and Activities

From music, dance, theatre to literature and fine arts, the University of Engineering and Technology Roorkee (UETR) encourages its students to actively engage in numerous cultural events, whether they take place on or off – campus. To engage the students in meaningful activities, UETR boasts various cultural clubs and committees. These clubs and committees regularly arrange national level inter-university competitions for the students that let them cultivate their inherent talents and serve as a platform to them.

Cultural activities are much more valuable than they seem. These activities play a critical role in shaping the passion and interest of the students, apart from academics. Time management, self-exploration, personal growth, improved self-esteem; UETR believes that indulging in such activities teach discipline to carry forward for life.



The main objective of the UETR sports club is to provide an opportunity for all students to take part in outdoor games such as football, basketball, volleyball, cricket competitions and indoor games like carrom, table tennis, chess, etc.

The sports club organizes the inter-university fest each year. The University sports team takes part in inter-university competitions, but other students can have a platform to demonstrate their talents through this club as well.


SPIC MACAY (Society for The Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture  Amongst Youth)

The Spic Macay – (Society for Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture Amongst Youth) is an international organization whose aim is to revive the interest of youth for Indian Culture & Classical Music. SPIC has organized programs of many nationally & internationally recognized artists at UETR to make students aware of India’s rich- art heritage. SPIC MACAY has thrived and shall continue to do so in the near future to come, towards its motto – “Vision…Initiation…Innovation…” leaving no nook of its Indian culture behind, reflecting upon its “Great Past and A Glorious Future”. The saga started with three objectives – vision, initiation, and innovation. SPIC MACAY is an affirmation of a priceless cultural heritage rooted in what is essentially Indian. 


ABHYUDAYA – The Literary Club

“Spread your wings & ascend towards the zenith.”  True to its name Abhyudaya- the Ascension through concerted efforts, builds the overall personality of a student, assists and guides them to achieve excellence in their respective fields. Thus, providing them the confidence to spread their wings and ascend towards the zenith. This development prepares them for the competition ahead, emanating confidence and knowledge they need to face the world. One of the primary motives of this committee is to bring about general awareness in the students about everything that’s happening around them. It promises to cultivate a passion for Debating, Creative Writing, Literature, Elocution, Quizzing, etc. among the students. The literary committee not only commits itself to the English language but also dedicated themselves to the discovery of new vistas of our mother tongue- Hindi. 

The Literary Club also aims at developing the interpersonal and soft skills of the students. We are driven by the motive of personality development and enhancement of communication skills. We also help the students prepare for training and placement activities by having events like group discussions and debates. Expression is an annual fest conducted by the Literary Club with the motive of enhancement of communication skills. Expression gives each student a platform to develop confidence, gain knowledge and stimulate thinking. It also gives a golden opportunity for public speaking thus eliminating stage fear and improving speaking skills.


Convener and Member

    • Any faculty member working in UETR with enough experience of guiding and motivating the students and interest in literary activities shall be recommended as convener and co-convener by the concerned authority.
    • The Convener shall take overall responsibility of the committee.
    • The Convener of The Literary Committee shall invite applications at the time of commencement of the session from the interested students enrolled in UETR.
    • The Convener of The Literary Committee shall organize interviews of such students for selection as members.
    • Maximum 25 students of current semester can be selected as a member of The Literary Committee.
    • Student Volunteers enrolled in UETR may be selected to organize any event, if needed.
    • The membership of the student will be on annual basis and shall terminate with the end of the session.
    • The Convener shall be responsible for organizing events (with the help of student members) and declaration of results.


SANSKRITI – The Cultural Club

Sanskriti, the Cultural Club of UETR organizes various cultural events during the academic year, maintains the norms of Indian tradition and culture as well as touching global diversities. These events are organized keeping in view the students, faculty and management’s collective interests of talent. Sanskriti proves their mettle by scintillating the UETR aura with wonderful events and thrilling performances and we hope to continue this legacy of culture in the upcoming sessions too. During the organization of events, the members of committee avail opportunities of displaying resource management and corporate management skills.

The various events organized by the committee are as following –

  • Freshers’ Party
  • Farewell Party
  • Teachers Day Celebration
  • Deepsandhya
  • Foundation Day
  • Gandhi Jayanti
  • Get Together party
  • ZION the cultural fest of UETR


JIGYASA – The Technical Club

The technical club, christened ‘Jigyasa’ came into being, entrusted with the task of providing a stable platform to young students to provide a tangible shape to their ideas. Jigyasa is entrusted with the responsibility of organizing Manthan, the Annual Inter-University Techno-Management Fest of UETR and a number of competitions catering to the aptitude and taste of almost every student. The Technical Club of the University is continuously associated with organizing different technical events throughout the year for the benefit of the students.

Through its numerous competitions, ‘Jigyasa’ made an earnest endeavour to draw out the hidden skills of UETR, be it in displaying their expertise in quizzing, their aptitude for brush and palette or their appetite for science fiction.


SAMIKSHA – The Ecology Club: A Mission Towards Sustainable Engineering


“Like music and art, love of nature is a common language that can transcend political or social boundaries.” The club was formed with the aim of making the students aware of environmental issues and their duties towards the nature. Samiksha, The Ecology Club is a group of committed people and we focus on generating interest about resource conservation, sustainable development and other environmental issues among the student community.

  • Artificial bird nests – Samiksha, the Ecology Club ran a campaign in the UETR campus to install artificial bird nests all over the campus to make it more environments friendly.
  • Dustbin Drive – The club carried out a Dustbin Drive with the object of having a ‘green campus – clean campus. The aim of conducting these events is to make the students aware of their duties towards nature. The club celebrates various environment related days in the university.
  • Ganga Cleaning Mission – The club aims to play a prominent role in the Ganga Cleaning Mission. 
  • Haritima – The club organizes its annual festival, Haritima, with the aim to involve students in real time solution to environmental issues. A cleanliness drive in the surrounding areas of the college is undertaken as well.
  • PETA – A workshop by PETA (People for The Ethical Treatment of Animals) – India annually.
  • NATURATHON – A Nature themed Marathon event



Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the ability to develop intelligent machines. Machine Learning is a subset of AI that enables self-learning from data and applies that learning without any human help. Deep Learning is a subfield of Machine Learning based on artificial neural networks. AI club is an important part of the University of Engineering and Technology Roorkee (UETR) and has been created for students with the aim of promoting and fostering the growing interest in machine intelligence on campus. AI club help students to develop their skills in Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning (DL) etc. We hold weekly discussions on the latest papers in the field, organize workshops, host speakers, and arrange competitions around machine intelligence at UETR. The objective of the AI club is to enhance the skills of the students with the ability to analyse, design, and develop model-based AI applications. The focus will be on problem-solving, analysis, design, research in areas of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep-Learning.



Karuna International is a registered non-profit service organization working to inculcate and develop human values in young students. It is proud to announce that Karuna Club, UETR Roorkee, is the first club in Uttarakhand. It aims to promote compassion, kindness, love, and Respect for all living beings and the environment. It also promotes Animal Welfare, Vegetarianism, and Human Values among the Student Community.

The Karuna values that we inculcate in students are:

  • Universal brotherhood (Maitry)
  • Respect for virtuous people (Pramod)
  • Compassion (Karuna)
  • Respect for all religions (Madhyastha Bhav)


KUBER – The Samriddhi Club

Kuber club is a finance club which is the fountainhead of knowledge and new ideas in the field of finance at UETR. This club performs various activities like business quizzes, guest lectures, tally workshops, and slide share presentations.

The objectives of Kuber Club are:

  1. To be the fountainhead of knowledge and new ideas in the field of finance.
  2. To create awareness about financial planning.
  3. To showcase expertise in the field of finance and financial activities. 
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